Friday, November 4, 2011

Spinning Odd Hair

Someone approached me at the market couple weeks ago that he has an odd question. I started smiling, encouraging him to go on :) Then he started explaining that over the years as he was brushing his hair, he
was collecting it (he thought it's weird)... and now he started loosing it (his hair I mean *giggles*), he'd like to find someone who would spin it for him... I assured him there are all different kind of 'hairs' people spin, so I'll help him find a spinner who could do the job for him. So, I went to my spinning group, where is a variety of expertise, and sure we read about some interesting things. Among all, I found a few I thought I'd share here with you all.

Victorian Jewelry made of Human Hair:

From the Catholic Encyclopedia:

During the early ages of Christianity the use of hair-cloth, as a means of bodily mortification and as an aid to the wearer in resisting temptations of the flesh, became very common, not only amongst the ascetics and those who aspired to the life of perfection, but even amongst ordinary lay people in the world, who made it serve as an unostentatious antidote for the outward luxury and comfort of their lives. St. Jerome, for instance, mentions the hairshirt as being frequently worn under the rich and splendid robes of men in high worldly positions...

...Charlemagne, for instance, was buried in the hairshirt he had worn during life (Martene, "De Ant. Eccl. Rit."). 

Although this does not specify 'human hair', but I'd assume that any other 'hair' would be called 'wool', as animal 'hair' was used in much earlier ages.

It is interesting though, what we commonly find kind of weird today, was actually widely used or even in 'fashion' in earlier times.

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